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Music Production & Publishing

Composing and producing music

The creative process and its realisation can take the producer away from any objectivity.
The last step in publishing is very important, that's when ambiences, sounds, timbres and harmonies are mixed and all sorts of details come forward.

The skills of a professional and experienced producer is crucial to understand the character and essence of a track and find the hierarchy of each and every detail in the final message.

My long experience as a musician, creator and producer in many genres gives me the skills that guarantee the valorisation of your music work.

P. Lewin
Electronic Music

Creation and production of electronic music
You can listen here samples of many tracks which have been produced at Sound Momentum studio.
Some were included in live act performances in a few countries (Breackazoid 2004 e Funkazoid 2006-2009)


The reunion of five very experienced musicians was right from the beginning a special event. The repertoire gather famous themes from funky-jazz (H. Hancock, G. Washington, R. Laws,...) and original tunes by Pierre Lewin.
Pierre Lewin: bass
Fábio Lopes: guitar
João Cleber: keyboards
Fábio Saffi: drums
Leandro Corrêa: saxophones

Founded in November 2018 in Brotas São Paulo Brasil.

Funded as a trio with guess musicians, the band plays a funky, happy and energetic repertoire, dance oriented, for any type of audience. The original tunes were created by Pierre Lewin.
Pierre Lewin: bass
Clayton Santos: guitar
Juliano Rebouças: drums

Founded in June 2021 in Faro, Portugal.

Four professional musicians playing famous themes of funky-jazz repertoire (H. Hancock, G. Washington, R. Laws,...) and original themes from Pierre Lewin.

Grooving High
Pierre Lewin: bass
Pedro Gil: guitar
Ricardo Coelho: piano
Francis Matas: drums

Founded in November 2017 in Faro, Portugal.

Free Lance Bass Player

Jimi's, Jau, São Paulo Brazil, Feb. 8th 2022 Links
Instagram :
YouTube : Funkazoid music
FaceBook : PierreLewinBass
After playing guitar for a few years, becomes a professional musician in 1974, when joining a Funk band in London as a bass player. Then, playing in several bands, in different styles: Jazz, Salsa, World Music and... Funk! The salsa band, with 14 musicians in live performances tours in the south of France and Spain.
Later he forms the band Voa Bongosso, playing in wider tours, including Germany, Holland, France and Portugal.
When not playing live gigs, he works as a music producer and arranger. In particular with UK producer Robin Scott, and later for BBC Channel 4, with DJ Simon Ralph.
From 1998 to 2008 perfoms Drum 'n Bass live act shows in England, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Brazil in 2009.
Then, after 10 years of intense production in electronic music, is back to instrumental performances, with live bands.

Telephone :
Brazil : 55 (62) 99150-9919
Portugal : 351 / 940 34 811

Production Studio:
The Funky House
Vale de Gralhas
Faro, Algarve
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